STARTUPLEX is a company based in Dubai. It has a vision to take care of all the startup and small business needs managed by a bunch of intuitional thinkers who handicraft the brands with love and passion. We are able to invest in businesses and help small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and organizations around the globe by putting every ounce of innovation, dedication and skills to scale their business growth, most especially in the initial stages of them development, and we offer partners, networks that are necessary to support these businesses.
We generate and conceptualize unique and out of the box ideas that possess the perfect synergy between businesses and user needs; while identifying key aspects to increase awareness, traffic and generate revenue.
With our STARTUPLEX approach, we focus on hitting your business goals and targets whilst keeping costs down. This means focusing on crucial activities that will move the needle, avoiding the waste involved in pitching or implementing strategies that won’t pay off within your timeframe.
Our success will be through the continuity and brilliance of your projects. We support promising and emerging projects through specially designed effort and complete focus on studying the project and providing the appropriate support for its launch and development. The STARTUPLEX success is a result of the high caliber of the STARTUPLEX team.


To help early-stage startups to establish themselves in the market and position their brand as a legitimate entity.


All individuals and communities of this region should be able to realize their potential and achieve their business aspirations.

> We support solution program visioning to help convert each startup business idea to an actual business with the least possible cost and effort.

> Stimulate critical digital thinking in our young leaders (young entrepreneurs) in UAE, GGC & MEA market.

> We promote strong sustainability and ensure that management activities are truly sustainable and do not compromise the health of the ecosystem!!!

> We engage people of determination and improve their business skills. We strongly believe in supporting them to achieve their dreams.

> We noticed that market boundaries and industry structures are not a given and can be reconstructed by the actions and beliefs of industry players.


Committed to sustainability and to function in an environmentally friendly way

Keen on supporting those less fortunate and empowering the under-privileged to build stronger and happier communities.

Dedicated to creative and quality work with timely delivery for customers’ instant gratification.

Strong believers in building partnerships based on value and meaningful trust relationships.


As a startup company, we partner startups and we bring a modern-day approach and new principles for educating, mentoring, and developing entrepreneurs of the next generation.

We take responsibility for our environmental impact through believing in us people(societies). We believe that the economy itself is wholly embedded in society and the interactions between people (stakeholders, employees, customers and business partners).

We have adopted a program called TEJARTI , a leading mentorship program-fiercely committed to guiding e-commerce startup business owners, young & teenage entrepreneurs, and people of determination in UAE, to building automatic customer generation systems, digital marketing strategies, and business-related solutions for consistently and automatically getting more customers to the checkout!

We are passionate about technology. That's why we insist on playing a fundamental role in such an industry by creating the TECH HUNTER program, which is effectively & definitely a major role player in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We also believe in the power of e-commerce and its effect on the future business framework.