What We Do

As Tech Hunter professionals, we influence others constructively by demonstrating different forms of leadership at various stages of their careers.

Search new technology

Analyze technology and market needs

Link technology providers with potential clients

Enable technology

Test new technologies and concepts in the region

Link students, researchers, and institutions with technology innovators

Integrators and Enablers of Technologies


We work fast

The global market is defined by its complexity and fluidity. To shape your future, you need to make bold moves, but, of course, that takes time, money, and people. That’s where we come in

Tech Hunter is a technology leader in playing a significant role in leading projects, ideas, technologies, inventions and link them with the companies /sectors to become a reality.

We are keen to enable adopted projects to be integrated and sustainable.

What makes us unique,

Tech Hunter are completing the missing link between the new technologies and our Socio-environmental specifications throughout a special and wide relationship network with research centers, universities and governmental sectors, so we are able transform the technology to be fitted for specific peculiarities

Our Purpose and Values

Our values define how we behave and what we stand for and lead us to our purpose to connect and integrate companies together and build trust

Tech Hunter People

Make difference and uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the future wherever their careers might lead them. Our people think, learn and deliver. It describes the capabilities we need - who we need to be and the behaviors we need to adopt in order to meet the expectations of our clients, communities, and partners in business.


Smart Technologies

Environment, Energy, Urban Farming ..etc.

Educational Sector

Health Sector

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