Tejarti is one of a kind company aiming at helping young entrepreneurs and housewives, small enterprises, and people of determination to learn, grow, and move on to achieve their business dreams.

We provide production, logistics, and delivery solutions; how it all works & its providers.

We help any startup or established business in shipping goods and understanding the delivery and logistics chain.

We believe that eCommerce is a golden opportunity for any person who is looking for entering the world of business. Thus, we give a helping hand for those who want to benefit. Our services are categorized under three sub-categories; eCommerce Services, Workshop & Marketing Management Services, Business Support Solutions

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List of Services

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eCommerce Services

  • Account Creation
  • Item Listing
  • Description Writing (content writing)g
  • SEO -Search Engine Optimization
  • FBA -Fulfillment by an online store
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Workshop & Marketing Management Services; A-Z guiding plans on how to start online business including all the phases

  • Personal eCommerce support
  • Group eCommerce support
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Business Support solutions.

  • Product Management; Realize a product idea
  • Product sourcing; Supply small as well as big quantities.
  • Multi-channel marketplace integration.
  • Product customization.
  • Shipping cost reduction.
  • Inventory management
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